Some things to consider before Sacred Assembly



Consider praying and fasting personally and as a church in advance of Sacred Assembly. Prayerful consider standing with us by participating in this event and inviting your local church body to join us.

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In short, this is a gathering of The Body of Christ to pray in humility, without hype, self-promotion, or hypocrisy. Followers of Jesus from around the state of Tennessee will be gathering as a unified body. Asking God, begging God, to forgive our sin, to heal our land, to revive the church, to save the lost, and to have mercy on all. 

There will be known public leaders, pastors, and singers participating, however, this is a nameless and faceless event so that our entire focus is  on Jesus Christ alone.

90 min

event length


major subjects prayed for 

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If you're planning on coming and inviting your church to do the same, we'd love to know you are joining us. Please complete this form to let us know you're in.

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