Here's what you need to know:


We provide all the production equipment

We're a self contained tour with all the gear we need to ensure a memorable experience for our attendees (and hopefully you!).

  • Crew - Production Manager, Stage Manager, FOH & MON engineer
  • Staging - professional grade raised decking custom designed on a per-venue basis
  • Audio - PA, Monitors, Console, Mics, DIs, and cables
  • Power - Safety distro and all stage drop boxes

Example Venue & Stage layout:

We don't supply backline (instruments)

It's difficult to make sure there enough musical options to suit everyone's unique style. Each group has it's own sound and it's tough to make that happen on a strange instrument. We want you at your best, so bring the gear you're familiar with.

You'll need to drop of all your instruments at a specific time to be ready for sound check. See the Production Details below

We only allow "accoustic style" instruments

Since this is primarily a prayer event we don't want to the music to overtake the emotions of the prayers. The human voice is not nearly as encompassing as a full band, so the comparison can be jarring. 

Powerful music can be delivered on very quiet sounding instruments. Don't worry, this doesn't mean we'll always keep them quiet. Our engineers always feel out the "flow" of the event as it's happening and ensure the mix matches the emotions of the crowd.

Coming out of a peaceful prayer into loud percussive sounds (like a drum kit) can unintentionally rip the attendee out of their prayerful mind set.
so... we don't do drums

Use this input list to determine your instrument choices


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