Newspaper Ad Creation Guide


Understanding the regional dilemma 

Each regional newspaper might use a different print size and style from the others. So instead of our team trying to make many different ads, we've put together this guide to help you work with your local newspaper's designer.


You can send the link to this page directly to your local newspapers team:

What the guide looks like

This is a graphical example of the guide and ad next to each other. Neither of these images should be used for the actual ad

Layout guide

Layout guide for creating a Sacred Assembly Newspaper ad

Example Newspaper Ad

Sacred Assembly Newspaper Ad example

Download the Guide files & Primary Image

(Unless you know what you're doing, these are meant for the local newspaper's ad designer)

Make sure your events details are in the ad!

Your local newspaper ad designer will need a couple details from you. Be sure to send this info as soon as you get the designer involved.

  • County Name

  • Month, Date, Time

  • Location

Pick your event's page If you need exact details: